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Is Sleep Effecting My Sexual Function

Have you ever passed across a billboard that hinted at “Getting the T Back”, or a primetime advert boasting of some pill that can make you the champion of the bedroom?

If you have, then you already know about the problem plaguing most who age:

Falling testosterone levels.

In fact, it is said that Testosterone levels begin to decline at 1% a year after hitting the age of 30.

First things First: What is Testosterone?

A hormone present in men and women, yet most prevalent in men, Testosterone is what stimulates a man’s sexual drive, and assists sperm production.

In the female body, Testosterone converts into Estrogen, that is then vital for reproduction.

Sleep & Testosterone: What is the Connection?

What does a hormone for sexual function have to do with sleep? Our answer: Everything.

Testosterone is produced in your body when you sleep at night, and especially spikes up when you reach Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep.

This means, not getting enough sleep lowers Testosterone levels. A study was conducted on young men to test the authenticity of this. It discovered that after a week of about 5 hours of sleep, the men experienced massively reduced Testosterone levels – as much as 15%!

In addition, women experience lowered Testosterone levels in relation to their menopause; with post-menopause especially triggering reduced levels.

The Impact of Insufficient Sleep & Lowered Testosterone Levels

Considering the vitality of the hormone in maintaining sexual function, decreasing Testosterone is a sign of concern. Resulting in a rather sluggishness, it leads to:

  • Reduced Sex Drive

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Diminished Libido

  • Reduced Muscle Growth


Furthermore, impaired sleep levels impact the hormone Cortisol. Also known as the stress hormone, when Cortisol levels rise, sexual drive, mood, and function is greatly affected.

Get Your Sleep to Conquer the Bedroom

While numerous businesses advertise the wonder drug that can help you regain the passion in the bedroom; getting sound sleep is a better, easier, and cheaper way instead.

The average hours of sleep for an adult are 7-9 hours. So, if you’re getting your proper sleep, you will enjoy REM sleep and thus Testosterone production as well.

With a corrected sleep routine, there is no need to wonder about losing your sexual drive as you hit your 40s and the hair turns grey. Pair with Hello Better Sleep for sleeping techniques and plans bound to make you passionate and fun in the bedroom, and active elsewhere!