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Do Athletes Need More Sleep?

Sleep is a vital component of a healthy life and improved wellbeing. However, instead of merely being a way to get some shut eye, and relax and refresh ourselves for the next day – sleep can actually be a wonder drug for athletes (minus the drug of, course!).

In fact, star Tennis Player Serena Williams stated that she makes sure to get sufficient sleep, and enjoys going to sleep early, usually close to 7 p.m.

Let’s see what benefits sleep comes bearing for athletes, and exactly why such mega sports stars abide by a good sleeping schedule.

  • Reduces Risk of Injury

Whether there is a mention of sports, there is bound to be injury. However, having a good night’s sleep makes you less prone to enduring injuries, and well-equipped to fighting them off.

This is because sleeping gives the body’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons time to repair. As they repair and recover overnight, the chance of an injury reduces.

In fact, a study in California discovered that young athletes that slept less than 6 hours at night before a game witnessed higher injury rates then those with sufficient sleep.

  • Better Focus

Whether it be a game of American football or wrestling; if you’re not focused, you won’t win.

A disrupted sleep pattern means lower energy, increased fatigue, and consequently – reduced focus on the game.

Turn the tables, however, with 7-9 hours of sleep a day – and you will be on the road to a massive win!

  • Energized to Win

You may think that the excitement of a game has kept you up all night. But actually, if you want to be productive in the game, you have to sleep well.

The energy powerhouses, Carbohydrates and Glycogen are needed to allow you to perform physically well. The levels of these are increased/maintained with sufficient hours of sleep.

Thus, sleep increases the chance of a better performance.

  • Strong Reflexes, Greater Accuracy

A good athlete is one who responds immediately, and such strong reflexes are courtesy of a good sleep schedule. In addition, sleep enhances focus and concentration on the game, thereby increasing accuracy.

Thus, if you’re indulging in a game of basketball, fulfill your sleep needs and you might have a greater chance at securing a goal.

What Athletes Must Do

As if we needed any more motivation, Usain Bolt once said that sleep is crucial for him. He believes he has to rest for his body to be able to absorb his rigorous training.

Therefore, from athletes training to make their mark in the sports arena to coaches searching for ways to enhance athletic performance; sufficient sleep is an underrated way to succeed with flying colors.

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