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Join the Dream Team

Bring Better Sleep to the world

Welcome to Better Sleep! We are excited that you would like to join our dream team.


Our mission is to provide insomnia coaching for EVERYONE who is struggling to sleep better. With Better Sleep Technologies' proprietary model, all you need to qualify to be a Better Sleep coach is successfully complete our training and be committed to helping your clients get the best sleep they can. While we do give preference to those individuals that hold professional degrees, anyone is welcome to apply. 

Created to respond to the growing need for proper sleep education and guidance during this  pandemic, Better Sleep combines the gold standard for insomnia treatment (CBT-I) with Mindfulness and ACT techniques along with other holistic methods to help people sleep better.

By joining Better Sleep you will soon gain access to our wonderful community of coaches , where you will benefit from our peer mentorship and virtual community events. Welcome to the revolution to democratize sleep!


If you feel a calling to help be a part of the solution to end insomnia please send apply via the link below. We are looking forward to having you join our dream team!

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